Jane Jacobs, 1916 - 2006

Jane Jacobs passed away yesterday just shy of her 90th birthday.

Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

Jane Jacobs died in Toronto at the age of 89, apparently of a stroke at Toronto Western Hospital. She is survived by a brother, James Butzner; two sons, James and Ned, and a daughter, Burgin Jacobs; by two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Upon her death her family’s statement noted:

“What’s important is not that she died but that she lived, and that her life’s work has greatly influenced the way we think. Please remember her by reading her books and implementing her ideas”.

American-born urban critic and scholar who settled in The Annex neighbourhood in downtown Toronto during the Vietnam War to protect her children and her sanity.

She had become a national treasure, and a beacon to U.S.-born immigrants for her commitment to and understanding of the differences between local and cosmopolitan values, and how they rarely have any resemblance to government policies and urban development practices.

Jane Jacob's House in The Annex, TorontoI walked over the few short blocks this morning to her Albany St. Home and spoke with another neighbour who was hand delivering a letter of condolence to the Jacobs’ family.

Because so many of us in The Annex were Jane’s neighbours and/or knew her personally and would want to sign a messages of condolence for the family, I asked Graziano Marchese, owner of Dooney’s Cafe on Bloor Street, if we could leave a Book of Condolence for the public to sign. Graziano thought it was a great idea…

You can sign the Jane Jacobs Book of Condolence during regular hours at:

Dooney’s Cafe
511 Bloor St. W. (Bathurst Subway Station)
The Annex, Toronto
Ontario M5S 1Y4
Tel: 416-536-3293

You may also share your memories of Jane Jacobs or leave your messages of condolence in the comments below.

Both of your online messages and ones left in the Book at Dooney’s will be forwarded to the Jacobs Family.


Walmer Road, The Annex.


The Book of Condolence at Dooney’s Cafe will only be available for the public to sign until Saturday May 6th around noon or so.

The Book with all of your handritten messages, alongside a printout of your message which have thus far been left in the comments below will then be given to Jane’s family as a keepsake.

If you can’t make it in person by Saturday morning, you may still leave your message in the comments below.

28 Responses to “Jane Jacobs, 1916 - 2006”

  1. HiMY Says:

    Dear Jane,

    The Annex and Toronto are too big without you

    Liveable Cities early in this 21st Century are your legacy.

    You are already missed.

    ~ HiMY! ~

  2. Jay Currie Says:

    Jane Jacobs changed the way intelligent people think about cities, economics and other people. She’ll be deeply missed but her ideas and her ability to see what is actually happening will live on.

  3. Max Fawcett Says:

    The world is a less interesting & humane place without you. May we all find the courage in our own lives to experience life as fully & completely as you did.

    Max Fawcett
    865 Logan Ave.

  4. Rohan Walters Says:

    Jane Jacobs is a hero for me. I did not know her personally but I wanted and want to be designer that she would have felt good about encountering and considering. All my pieces of planning and architecture have had Jane’s voice present in one way or another, sometimes soft - sometimes hard, since encountering her writing as a young student. I thank her quietly and continually by listening to understand beyond the notions of my own comfort zone to that place where interconnectedness is real.
    Sincerely and with deep respect, Thank You Jane.

  5. Alana M. Kelly Says:

    I am so grateful that Jane Jacobs works were a part of an Urban Studies course I took as a mature student at the University of Winnipeg in the mid-1990’s. Our own city suffers as a result of suburban growth and more roads, big-box chain stores, gas stations and unprofitable feeder bus-routes are necessary to feed the sprawl monster. I am privileged to live in an old established community within the city’s West end but every year at city budget time, our library, communal garden space, and proposed low-income housing projects are threatened by lack of operating funds. Thankfully, there are individuals and groups who promote Jane’s ideas and we’re hanging on to what’s important to us. She has been a heroic fiqure in my life and she will be missed across the nation but, as has been said, “You can’t fall out of the universe.”

  6. Thomas Boutell Says:

    I grew up in the burbs, discovered living urban neighborhoods in the early nineties… and never looked back. The ideas of Jane Jacobs are directly responsible for my quality of life. Today I live in a South Philadelphia neighborhood that she championed in 1962. I learned of her passing through this excellent Philadelphia Inquirer article. Thank you, Jane.

  7. Benjamin A. Vazquez, U.E. Says:

    Over the course of the past several years it has been my inestimable privlage to read the Jane Jacobs cannon cover to cover, and over and over for the classics. In the end, though the race is tight, I must say that Jane Jacobs surpasses Karen Armstrong as the greatest female intellect of the twentieth century. I live two hours to the west of Toronto, but have been in and out of that great metropolis since birth, and so feel more comfortable in it than many of my neighbours, sometimes feeling more at home there than at my real home.

    I met her only once.

    I was in Toronto for a gathering in the annex, and was determined that this one time I would see the great woman in person. One of her books (I can’t recall which) was dedicated to the residences she had lived in throughout her life, and I ruminated through the Toronto phone book, selecting the only Jacobs with an address on Albany Ave. I walked the distance, summoned my courage, and knocked on the door. I was greeted by a man who in retrospect must have been twenty years younger than her, probably one of her sons. “Is Jane Jacobs here?”, I asked. Yes, I was told, but she was taking a bath. I didn’t leave a message, but said I’d come back. I had intended to be witty. I had slight disagrements with her, mostly fabricated for the purpose, and I’d hoped to have her clear them up for me. Really, I wanted to look intellegent before my great hero. No such luck. I returned a half hour or so later, and she was sitting on her front porch. I no longer felt clever. All I could think was that I was looking at the great Jane Jacobs. Confucious and Thomas Aquinous would feel less clever seeing her, I think. I almost walkd past. Perhaps she would think I was but a pedestrian, unimportant. Or better yet, perhaps she’d been looking the other way, and hadn’t noticed me at all. But I would never have forgiven myself. Really, this treck to Toronto had been made with just one purpose in mind, and if I backed out now, though I would be in Toronto again, I would never return to Albany Ave. So I summoned what tiny dregs of my courage remained, ascended the steps to her front porch, and uttered, simply, “Thank you.” There were some words exchanged. She hinted that she was in the process of writing another book, but wouldn’t reveal what. In retrospect the reference was to Dark Ages Ahead. I’m not certain what I accomplished, but I think on some small level I did do the right thing. At least I got to meet her once.

    We will all miss her.

    Benjamin A. Vazquez, U.E.

  8. Christopher B. Leinberger Says:

    I am one of thousands of people who can say that Jane Jacobs’ books, particularly Death and Life of Great American Cities, changed my life and propelled me into urban development as a career. In my roles as a consultant, author, developer and teacher, she has been a part of my being from the beginning. It is wonderful that she was alive long enough to see the rebirth of American cities over the past 10-15 years. Assuming it has not come too late, the positive, sustainable changes in how we build the built environment which are taking place now, and that I hope and believe will accelerate in the future, will be the lasting tribute to her.

  9. Ronald Kemerly Says:

    I am thankful to have read Death and Life when I first became interested in city planning, before receiving the conventional planning education of the 1960’s. The insights provided by Ms. Jacobs’ work have influenced me, and perhaps an entire generation of meddlesome local bureaucrats, to an extent which we cannot yet fully appreciate. History will judge, I think kindly. Thanks, Jane.

  10. Gale Zoe Garnett Says:

    To the family of Jane Jacobs (who was & remains a gift to the world).

    We met working on David Miller’s campaign.

    Working without her will be harder — but inspired.

    Gale Zoe Garnett,
    Annex Resident

  11. Leo Wong Says:

    See you in the heavenly city — the real one.

    Albany, NY

  12. Walter Dunham Says:

    Her legacy is literally visible in the streets around us. She will be missed by many.

  13. Pierre Tristam Says:

    Jane–Now I can tell you this knowing you’ll finally hear me: I’ve always loved you, for two reasons in particular: The way you think, and the way you taught us to re-think our assumptions, not just regarding urban design or the other subjects you took on. It’s your method of thinking that’s so seductive (and effective). It has universal applications. It’s intellect at its most free. It’s liberalism at its best.pt

  14. The Walktopia Team Says:

    Your blog gives the rest of us a valuable window to Jacobs’ life. Her work is inspiring to walkculture. Thanks!

  15. Jerry Avins Says:

    Jane Jacob’s insight was evident in “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” and her subsequent writings. She shaped and sharpened my vision. I wish I had hd a chance to meet her in person. both to thank her and to sit for a while at her feet.

    I thank her now.

  16. marie Says:

    Jane Jacobs, my hero, quiet empiricist. Hope your message isn’t too late for the earth’s declining fertility…you will be missed!

    marie myung-ok lee

  17. Gail Thomas Says:

    Jane, I have just returned from a dinner in Dallas where I spoke about you and about your influence on me and on all of the Fellows of the Dallas Institute among whom your light has shown so brightly. When you finally came to Dallas in 1993 (after three trips to Toronto on my part to walk the city with you and to try to persuade you to travel), you spoke at our conference “The Sacred Center” and you changed our city. Oh, not so that outsiders will be able to see because of our reputation for bigness and for sprawl, but among those of us struggling here to make places that are actually liveable and to encourage streets that are for people. When I mentioned your name, the room went silent quickly, and the reverance for you and for your lifetime of work spread through the room palpably. Thank you Jane for being who you are so profoundly. Thank you for being my friend.

  18. Reverend Billy Says:

    We always shouted that Jane Jacobs was a Saint in the Church of Stop Shopping and have again this week while the singers and I toured in California. Sometimes,
    as when we defended the Poe House at 85 3rd Street, she was an explicit
    presence, and how couldn’t she be in a struggle at Washington Square? (We were so grateful when Jane sent us an email of support, knowing how the invocation of her name at rallies would add immeasureable gravity as we battled NYU.) But always, the very idea of neighborhood-defending owed so much to Jane’s vivid descriptions of the “cascade of eyes” on the streetcorner, during her long ago motherhood in this city. If the developers are ever stopped, if Wal Mart and the chain stores are ever resisted by communities, Jane Jacobs will be with us.

  19. Josie Says:

    Dear Survivors,

    In the spirit of Jane Jacobs,

    let us play!

    Jane Jacobs continues to give me hope in design.

    Thanks to her
    Many generations who follow,
    may her ideas and presence continue
    to influence the globe for at least
    seven more generations.

    Shaw St.

  20. Chris Wright Says:

    To the Jacob Family,

    When I first came to Canada I lived on Kendal and became a member of Karma Co-op. Jane was always there in the early 70’s and I only thought of her in those days as a “nut” expert and helpful co-op member. It was years later that I realised she knew more about things than just nuts. What an amazing woman. I feel so privileged to have known her. We must keep her torch burning.

    Chris Wright (on Howland)

  21. Jonathan Luke Kim Says:


    There’s no other way to put it, but that you changed the way I think about the world.

    Your spirit of creative and independent thinking will be emulated by all of us who have been exposed to your observations.

    You understood that skepticism and critical observations of the real world is necessary to bring beauty and optimism to our lives.

    I for one will do my utmost to help the world change… and change… and change.

    I will miss you + your guidance.

    Jonathan Luke Kim


  22. Jerry Pournelle Says:

    We have lost a champion of good sense. She respected science without being dazzled by voodoo and junk science. And her last book may yet save us all.

    God rest, my lady.

    Jerry Pournelle
    Chaos Manor

  23. Fran Adams Says:

    It was thanks to the ideas of Jane Jacobs that we on the West Side of Manhattan were able to sucessfully oppose a football stadium that was to have been built in our neighborhood last year.

    She will always be an inspiration to anyone who loves real city life.

  24. Jane Opie Says:

    Everett Opie (a late NYer cartoonist) knew Jane in the early sixties. After running into her in the Village one day, he decided to name the daughter he was expecting after her. I am glad that he did because it is an honour to be named after such a greater thinker.

  25. Dwayne Keir Says:

    Thank you for everything, and knowing that everything is possible.

  26. Kathleen Corrigan Says:

    We lived almost directly across the road from Jane for twenty years and I am ashamed of myself for being too intimidated to approach the great lady of the Annex and speak of anything more than pleasantries in all that time.

    Of course I knew who she was. Of course I understood the value of her contributions to the entire planet.

    She was by no means an intimidating character - quite the contrary. Jane Jacobs was very approachable. It was her very openness that I found intimidating. What could I possibly contribute to her day other than to nod, smile and say “good day Mrs Jacobs”. Surely she had far more important things on her mind. She never knew me by name, only by the house I lived in. Just another character in Jane’s street ballet.

    I was nearly moved to tears during her Memorial Service at Trinity St. Paul’s when R.H. Thomson read from The Death and Life of Great American Cities about the piper. It took me back to a distant New Year’s Eve when, at the stroke of midnight a piper strolled out of the Jacobs’ house and onto their front porch and began skirling. The entire street came out to see the commotion. Jane had called us out to take part in the ballet of that deep cold night and we rushed out, and were delighted by the spectacle. We all cheered them on and began to bang pots and pans as they danced on their front porch.

    Thank you Jane. Thank you for the life you led. Thank you for your life’s work. Thank you for showing us all how to take part in this dance.

    And yes, I did finally screw up the courage to knock on her door and ask her to autograph my copy of “Death and Life”… on the day we moved off the street.

  27. Alan Rupa Says:

    I first learned about Jane Jacobs from the New York Docmentary series. for me growing up in the Burbs of Boston, Massachusetts. I have seen the demise of the cities by the big developers and strip mall people. Also the big Real Estate Developers who made office parks and that are so abandoned now because all of the bussiness went to china. Both Cities and towns are shells in them selves now. Todays neighborhoods you see a family move in and a year or two they are selling. I see the destruction of neighborhoods because of corporation greed. As people now we must take back our Cities and towns and tell the politicans that they are our cities and towns not just theirs to mess up. Mrs Jacobs you will be missed in the fight for the future.

  28. Garrett Saunders Says:

    Your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations continue in the halls of academia, an academia that I am proud to be part of. Thank you for your refreshing way of thinking.

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